Stupid diet – day 3 out of 14

It’s 7am and I’m already hungry!

Aurora went to bed at 2am and woke up at 5, so… yeah.

We are now watching cartoons and I’m this close (insert tiny space here) to drinking her milk.

She is like an angel lying next to me. She looks at me and smiles and hugs me for no reason… It’s like she’s happy I’m her mom and we are finally together.

Yes, I had to take a picture so the 60 year old me can look at it and wonder where time went (and be mad at the 33 year old me for thinking she is old already).

Hello, 60 year old me! How much do you weight? Are these stupid, pointless 14 days over yet?

Is there an app where you can upload your picture and see what you’re gonna look like in the future with the options being if you stop smoking / driking / eating wrong now or not? Did I just create that? I’d pay 25 cents for that! Dude, I’d probably pay a dollar!

That Dora is the weirdest cartoon ever, since we are -not- on the subject. Right?

Omg, she actually fell asleep! Can I have a chocolate to celebrate? Who am I talking to? I’m SO hungry.

Anyway, all  day 3 stress came not only for the fact that the girls have a flu that’s been keeping me up most of the nights, nor from the fact that I’m hungry. It’s actually because, yesterday, after starving myself like crazy and  going to my ballet class even though my head was killing me all day, I still GAINED 3 pounds! Fine, it could be a temporary water retention thing, but it’s still pretty irritating (specially when you’re already irritated).

But so we move on… after all, 14 days shouldn’t take longer than 14 days to pass.

Day 3 menu:

Lunch consisted on 2 toasts and salad. I could have added 2 boiled eggs here, but I saved those for latter. I had those around 5 pm ’cause I had the worst headache and forgot to take a picture -that’s how fast I ate-!

   And this was dinner:  Dinner was actually pretty good , or maybe any food tastes better when you are hungry like I was.  I obviously almost passed out during ballet, being the fat “kid” that I am, but the adrenaline actually made me feel a lot better than I was feeling before I went to class. Maybe it’s endorphins… Whichever!

It’s the end of day 3, finally!

Good night, people!

14 day diet – day 2

Day 2 was hard. Not the diet, but the actual day. Both my girls are sick and can’t breathe through their noses, which keeps me up most of the night. I, like all moms, don’t understand why we can’t choose to get sick instead of our kids. It’s the kind of day when you deserve a nice cup of cocoa when they finally fall asleep and things calm down, I didn’t care about the stupid diet at 5:40 am when my baby was trying to breathe, but I decided to stay strong ’cause I’m sick and tired of living with all this extra weight.

So, this was day 2:

This was supposed to be breakfast… but I woke up pretty late, from being up all night (the joys of being unemployed) so I actually ate this around 5pm:   My first meal of the day was what considered a pretty satisfying lunch , especially compared with the day1 meals:


That’s stake and all-the-wrong-fruit. We only had bananas and papaya so, that’s what I had, even though we all know bananas are pretty caloric.

And dinner was all you could eat ham… it turns out, I can eat a LOT of ham.

Before I went to bed (at least I thought I was going to bed at that time) I had actually GAINED 1 pound. So, I looked at my ankles and they were HUGE! I took a diuretic ’cause I figured I was retaining water for some reason (diet soda is the reason, people) and I actually woke up 4 pounds lighter. Water retention is a bˆ%$#. I did ask the doctor if I should take the diuretics, though. Don’t go around taking those, thinking they’re gonna make you lose weight. It’s not the way it works, despite the way I’ve worded my sentence above!

By morning, my girls were happy and playing. They’re still a bit sick, which breaks my heart, but I’m doing everything I can to make them feel better.

Day 3 is here and I have so much on my mind I’m not hungry at all anymore… we’ll see if I can go through with this!

Fingers crossed!

Take care =)

14 day diet – Day 1

I have always disliked my body. I’ve struggled with the same 6 pounds that seemed impossible to lose from when I was 15 to 27.

Whenever I gained one pound or two, I’d starve myself for 2 days that’d be that. I’d be back to normal again, and still wishing I could drop 6 more pounds. Which I absolutely never did… never in almost 15 years.

So, one day I got a job that demanded me to stay in front of a computer, under pressure for 12 hours a day. I stopped weighting myself every day to control those 2 extra pounds that’d appear in my life from time to time, but I felt pretty much the same.

Six months later I had gained 20 pounds.

I don’t know how that happened. Ok, I do know. I ate every time I felt hungry, which was something I had never ever done before in my entire life. I had been hungry for the past 15 years and suddenly, I there was never a moment of the day when I was crazy hungry. I was “full” all the time.

So, I got pregnant.

Unlike most people, I gained zero weight during pregnancy. I was eating healthy and I think pregnancy itself is pretty consuming for your body… so, if you eat alright you don’t really gain any weight. I left the hospital 5 pounds away from my goal… and that seemed great.

Except it happened again.

After maternity leave, I went back to work and BAM… I gained 20 pounds!

JESUS CHRIST it’s so annoying!

But the thing is, losing weight after pregnancy is a completely different thing then it was before. Not eating doesn’t equal losing weight! It seriously doesn’t! I’ve starved myself for a month and still didn’t drop a pound!

My doctor explained to me that stuff like waking up in the middle of the night all the time and being under stress would keep me fat, even if I didn’t eat much. I am seriously annoyed.

My birthday was in May, and that’s when I started taking ballet again. I was super excited and I was doing it every day… well, ever since I started my ballet classes again, I gained 10 pounds.


So, I’m starting one of those crazy 14 day diets. I figured that if I dropped some weight, any weight, I’d feel encouraged to start eating right after those 14 days and convinced that it is in fact food that’s keeping me fat. For now, I think it’s black magic or something equally as evil.

-I do plan on the 21 days one, girls! I just need to do this first ’cause I’m seriously inpatient right now –

Damn it, I promised myself I’d keep this introduction short. I’m terrible at keeping things short…

Let’s go straight to my first day menu, shall we?

So, this was lunch: (there’s no breakfast on the first day)


Lunch on the first day consists on 2 boiled eggs.

And then you spend the whole day trying not to think about food…

I did, however, have a diet coke. Oh yeah, I must have screwed up the diet and gained at least 5 pounds right there ’cause that’s the way my body works.

So I dyed my hair and played with my girls. There’s actually a picture where we can all see how my forehead is still a bit orange and my eyebrows don’t match my hair but my baby loves me anyway:


See? That’s me. Not thinking about food.

Finally, it was time for dinner and I was happy to feast myself with this oh-so-nutritive portion of …


Lettuce and cucumber!

I bet you’re all hungry from seeing these delicious plates, right?

Good news is I’m done with day 1. And day 1 is the meanest of all days! Tomorrow there’s Stake and fruit and ham…

If I actually manage to go through these 14 days, I actually hope, in my heart that I will drop a few pounds… otherwise I’m gonna have to dig deeper into this thing ’cause it’s just NOT normal and I do not need to find out about any hormonal disfunction at this point!

Damn, I’m hungry.

– And also terribly sorry about all the cursing. I’m way too hungry to measure my words.-

Night, fellows! There’s a cracker waiting for me in the morning! God, I can’t wait!

SO-EXCITED about that cracker!

Ok, I’m going, bye!