I am a weirdo with weird kids

Agatha’s got her dad’s eyes, hair, nose and eyebrows -she’s gonna be really mad him at some point of her life for those, I’m sure – but it turns out she has my personality. Meaning: She can be really weird sometimes. Specially when she’s sleeping.

I’ll explain.

No, I won’t. English is not my mother tongue and I’d be rather difficult for me to explain this:

Photo on 9-12-15 at 12.19 AM #3

See that? You don’t? Look closer!

She HAS TO sleep over my feet. That’s serious “WTF” behavior! Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, she’s at the wrong side of the bed, sleeping over my feet.

Is there a child therapist in the audience anywhere who could explain me this?

Thank you very much.

In todays news:

I shouldn’t have had all that chocolate milk. Isn’t terrible to have no control over what you eat? Sometimes I actually think about it like this: How is it possible that I hate how I feel for eating so much and yet I still do? I am doing it! I’m the master of my body. Aren’t I? Aren’t I supposed to be, anyway?

My baby is weird, I’m weird. We’re all weird. Except, I’m weird and fat. My babies are weird and cute.

This post doesn’t make much sense, but if you read it when you’re half asleep, like I am right now, you just might find there’s a deep meaningful message hidden in here somewhere!

Take care, weird people of the world!

Stupid diet – day 3 out of 14

It’s 7am and I’m already hungry!

Aurora went to bed at 2am and woke up at 5, so… yeah.

We are now watching cartoons and I’m this close (insert tiny space here) to drinking her milk.

She is like an angel lying next to me. She looks at me and smiles and hugs me for no reason… It’s like she’s happy I’m her mom and we are finally together.

Yes, I had to take a picture so the 60 year old me can look at it and wonder where time went (and be mad at the 33 year old me for thinking she is old already).

Hello, 60 year old me! How much do you weight? Are these stupid, pointless 14 days over yet?

Is there an app where you can upload your picture and see what you’re gonna look like in the future with the options being if you stop smoking / driking / eating wrong now or not? Did I just create that? I’d pay 25 cents for that! Dude, I’d probably pay a dollar!

That Dora is the weirdest cartoon ever, since we are -not- on the subject. Right?

Omg, she actually fell asleep! Can I have a chocolate to celebrate? Who am I talking to? I’m SO hungry.

Anyway, all  day 3 stress came not only for the fact that the girls have a flu that’s been keeping me up most of the nights, nor from the fact that I’m hungry. It’s actually because, yesterday, after starving myself like crazy and  going to my ballet class even though my head was killing me all day, I still GAINED 3 pounds! Fine, it could be a temporary water retention thing, but it’s still pretty irritating (specially when you’re already irritated).

But so we move on… after all, 14 days shouldn’t take longer than 14 days to pass.

Day 3 menu:

Lunch consisted on 2 toasts and salad. I could have added 2 boiled eggs here, but I saved those for latter. I had those around 5 pm ’cause I had the worst headache and forgot to take a picture -that’s how fast I ate-!

   And this was dinner:  Dinner was actually pretty good , or maybe any food tastes better when you are hungry like I was.  I obviously almost passed out during ballet, being the fat “kid” that I am, but the adrenaline actually made me feel a lot better than I was feeling before I went to class. Maybe it’s endorphins… Whichever!

It’s the end of day 3, finally!

Good night, people!