Organizing and the playroom

I am not as perceptive as I’d like to be. For instance, sometimes I know I shouldn’t be doing what I do – work-wise – but I still can’t put my finger on what it is that I SHOULD, in fact, be doing.

That’s why I was so surprised this morning when my boss assigned me something different to do. I’ll basically be organizing a bit more and drawing a bit less.

He said he noticed how much I enjoyed organizing things and, since I was pretty much the only one with excel abilities in the drawing office, I was the person for the job.

He noticed how everyone else’s desk is a mess and everything on mine was perpendicular, separated by color and alphabetized. 

The coolest part is, when he actually said I’d be doing that, I was excited! I hadn’t been excited about work in a while. I mean, I don’t mind it at all, it can be interesting (kinda)… but I do get bored quite easily. Bored, sleepy and hungry actually.

So, yeah, it took a total stranger to suggest something completely obvious.

I am an organizer.

I should know this, since last Monday was a holiday and I deliberately chose to separate my kids’s toys in categories and line them up – which lasted for about a second ’cause… well, they are kids.

Now, people, is THIS a job?

Probably not, but it’s definitely a clue.

Did I create the best, most organized playroom ever? Of course not. But I absolutely liked the way it felt… even though I never finished it! =)

I still have a long way to go and I don’t have the money to do anything fancy , but the girls enjoyed it so much! And OMG so did I!

These little things make me so happy… they make me feel at home! I feel really blessed right now and actually happy. Let’s all hope my stupid grandmother’s spirit doesn’t curse me with bad news just ’cause I actually said the H word…

Let’s review my check list for 2017:

  • everyone is healthy – good.
  • the house is good.
  • work is good.
  • the city NEEDS ADJUSTMENTS! But I’ll get there!

We need to allow ourselves to be happy.

No pressure, I’m learning it myself.


Long weekend

I waited and waited for this long weekend so we could take the girls out and explore a little bit of the area we’re living!

Since we don’t have a car, we decided to walk down to the lake and see where the trail would take us and it was AMAZING!

The girls fell in love with the place and found out that throwing rocks at the lake was their favourite thing in the world. They like it better than the playground!

So, we went down the trail towards whitby yesterday and today we hit it towards Toronto! At one point, we could actually see the tower! We walked for 2 hours and then decided to come back because we were afraid the girls would be hungry and we had nothing but water with us, but they were so excited they didn’t complain at all (I’ll pack something next time – *terrible mom*)

I’ll leave you with the pictures ’cause they are far more fun than my words!

Towards pickering:

We even found a new playground!


And this is the trail towards  Toronto. It’s a lot busier and there are many parks! We are definitely staying longer next time!


It’s really nice that we can walk there, since we don’t have a car or our licenses yet and  it’s fun for everyone!

I’m definitely a winter person but I must admit, with the little ones, Summer is a blast! And it’s amazing that we don’t have to stop to breastfeed them or give them their bottle and carry the formula and the baby bag… like… REALLY amazing! – I know I’ve mentioned this before here, but I’m seriously amazed at how free to come and go with the girls we are right now! Completely different from last year! =)

I’ll enjoy the rest of this sweet Monday!

Thanks for stopping by, guys!

One easy day

There’s isn’t much to write about yesterday, and maybe I even shouldn’t, but the fact is I want to remember it forever.

A nice Saturday. Nothing major.

We went to Walmart.

They do not request feeding every 2 hours anymore. They don’t wanna be carried around (although they still enjoy it). And, if they get hungry during our “trip”, we can just get them some regular milk and fries from McDonald’s. Which basically means there’s no more carrying the huge baby bags (we could never fit everything in one) with the diapers and the formula and the bottles, baby wipes, towel, extra set of clothes and a bunch of stuff I don’t even remember anymore.

But it’s not like that anymore. Not yesterday. Yesterday , they enjoyed spring for the first time in Canada. I documented it (poorly) as it was the first time they ever saw the little yellow flowers. “Wooooow” – they said. While carefully touching them without ever attempting to catching them.




I think that’s special. And I could not dream about these moments just a couple months ago when they were so dependent and they would absolutely not sleep through the night – nor for more than 20 minutes during the day.


So, we came home and I was psychologically prepared for the wining and watching them so they don’t throw stuff on the toilet… you know, the usual. But what happened was, they slept for 2 hours – which gave me time to set up the shoe rack I got for their playroom while we don’t have a car to go shop for proper furniture (and Ikea charges 100 dollars to deliver. Does anyone else have a better idea? I’m rather new here.)

So, I did that and when they woke up, they spent the rest of the day playing with their toys.


Aurora did get too excited with the new yogurts and threw up around mid-night, but that’s basically just because earlier that day I had giggled when I read Bumbi’s mom poem and the universe HAD to get back at me.

But I won’t remember that part.

Just a nice Saturday…

*And I kept it under 1200 calories… I don’t really get hungry when I’m this calm. =)



Long live indoors!

Give me a computer and some blackout curtains and you’ll see a happy woman! It’s really my element. Something tells me that my girls, at this point of their lives haven’t quite gotten this quite figured out yet. I feel like they can’t tell right from wrong just yet so, I’m very disappointed to say that, yes, they love the playground! They love playing in the sand with all the bugs and ants and … well, did I mention sand?

Wanna spot me at the playground? That’s easy! I’m the mom who is actually IN the slide with her kid while the other moms are God-knows-where and their big kids are stealing the toys from my 1 year old daughters!

There was this one little girl in particular, I’m not sure if she’s from our building or where the heck she came from, but she playing “monster” and going “help me, baby, help me!” but it wasn’t a normal/happy screaming, that was DESPERATE screaming! My babies were seriously afraid of her as she pushed them around and took all their toys. And I’m like “honey, where’s your mommy?”… turned out, her big sister (who was probably 12 or so) was the one watching after her. Her mom was probably taking a long, long, long, long bath and recovering from watching a seriously hyper kid all day! God, I hope my girls are not that hyper!

I know, the playground makes me completely paranoid. There were so many bees around  ! I didn’t know bees could be so big!

Indoors are fun! We have computers and TV and Jared Leto on netflix! They’ll come around eventually, I’m sure!

So, humans of the world, do not be fooled by the pictures! This wasn’t fun at all… well, not for mommy!

IMG_0972 IMG_0977 IMG_0991

Take care!


There is a good side to being unemployed. Actually, there’s a shiny golden, filled with stars and unicorns side to it if you have a baby – or two – . If the kids go to sleep at 1am you are not desperate! You can actually use your “what-the-heck-I’ll-just-sleep-in-tomorrow card”.

Part of me is really scared of going back to work and leave the girls, though…but the remaining parts all really want to order stuff from Pottery Barn. That’s pretty much how shallow people can actually be in this world… or I could just make up a speech about paying for their colleges and being able to buy a house for us… it would be noble, but I assure you deep down inside I would still be pretty moved by Pottery Barn.

I try very hard not to be addicted to shopping or food like my mom is, but I still feel like I am. Specially because my husband can go weeks without shopping and hours without eating… which just makes me a bigger shopper (??? is that a thing??? ) and, well, pretty fat.

So, I’m sending out resumes, in case you’re hiring (ha-ha) and hoping the girls start talking soon ’cause this whole guessing why they are crying thing is making me quite a bit insane. They are pretty good at communicating and understand everything we say, but, since they have their own language and have deep, long, conversations with one another, they don’t really feel the need to speak OUR language and that’s just hard for me! But, oh well… it’s not as hard as it used to be, for as little as I remember it.

Thing is – I’m so off-topic right now- I hear that women produce (produce?) some sort of hormone when they go through labour that makes her forget about the pain, so she’ll want to do it again. And that’s a real thing.

On my case, I have forgotten about the first months with the girls, in which I couldn’t really take a shower or go to the bathroom, not to mention leave the house, because they were always crying. Always! For 5 months, they were either sleeping or crying. But those memories are really just a blur.

I actually do remember the first 5 days with the girls and then it’s blur, blur, blur, 11 months! Which makes me believe that it’s when I started relaxing.

The weird, crazy, send-me-to-a-mental-hospital-right-now part of the story is that I’d do it again. I hated being pregnant, I hated going through labour (even though I had a c-section) but I’d do it again. And if I ever do get a job in this country (look at me, rescuing the original topic) and actually get pregnant again some day I just hope I don’t have quadruplets. I can totally handle 3 babies. – she said, as she watched her twins sleep and look completely possible to handle.

This Canadian air is making me lose it a bit, eh?

Good night, moms (and Gab) I’m off to watch something with Jared Leto on it (who by the way should multiply hanson-style as a favor to humanity, in my humble opinion).

Bye, now!

My very-organized daily routine

I was reading this blog and the first thing that crossed my mind was ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I’m laughing really hard right now slash cryinga little, I guess.

This person actually talks about how her daughter reads or has QUIET TIME in her room while mom folds the clothes or does the dishes or whatever and then… the kid goes to bed at 7:30 and everyone has a little time for themselves!!!

Let me tell you about my quiet and organized rotine:

It’s 2:10am right now and I decided to write a bit and look for pretty stuff on etsy to keep me from losing my mind after running after 2 kids all day who, by the way, went to bed after mid-night and will start crying desperately if I leave the room or make any noise. That’s why I normally don’t pee during the night.

We share a bed. Not because we are overly attached parents, but because we only have the one room. And also because they used to wake up about 14 times a night, so, even if we had another room I’d probably keep them with me. I’m the type of human being who enjoys her sleep.

Our flight was cancelled and I couldn’t confirm that we’ll be on the next plane, because it’s Sunday, so that’s eating me inside because I don’t know if our tickets were cancelled or automatically changed.

We still don’t have a place to stay in Canada.

I have 2 weeks to leave the country and resume 33 years to one beg. I’m leaving everything behind. There’s a ton of dishes on the sink but I don’t have the strength to get up and finish them.

I don’t have a dish washer.

My eyes are burning, I wanna go to bed, but I also wanna do something fun and live a little for myself before the babies are up again and I have to be with them all-the-time, never EVER looking away to keep them from biting each other, climbing the toys, climbing the furniture, jumping out the window, pushing each other down the stairs, putting something dangerous in their mouth, licking something electrified, licking batteries and so on.

Then it’s time to change their diapers & back to chasing babies around the house.

Around noon, I open up some super nutritive pre-made baby food and mix it up with noodles and start chasing them around with a spoon. By the time they finish eating there’s food all over their faces, their clothes, the carpet, the walls… everything. So, we put Frozen on the DVD to keep them staring at something instead of running around the house while eating (that’s some serious bad parenting).

I chase them around for 2 more hours and then it’s nap time. For Agatha. Aurora will stay up for another hour, for sure.

So, I actually check facebook and e-mails and stuff because I only have one baby to watch at this point.

Aurora falls asleep and I have 30 minutes or so to actually clean something super fast pr take a shower.

Agatha wakes up and we start preparing her bath.

Agatha is in her bath with my mom, who god back from work and Aurora wakes up.

Agatha is getting dressed, Aurora is getting undressed. Aurora is taking her bath. Agatha is crazy hungry. Agatha is eating, Aurora is getting dressed. Aurora is eating, Agatha is playing or dancing in front of the TV.

My dad gets home and takes them for a ride while I prepare dinner.

My husband is cleaning the house like a crazy person. They girls have managed to open every drawer and throw everything we own in the middle of the living room.

They’ve probably broken a few things by now, too.

The babies are back. We feed them and play with them until they finally fall asleep between midnight and 1 am.

My husband grabs his video games and I grab my computer.

Things are super calm around here, now that we are both not working… so we actually have time to do all this.

You should’ve seen my sleeping routine back when we were working!

Good night, to all of us, normal moms! My eyes are burning.