Where do I stand?

I came here today to end this blog. I still might.

For the past couple of years I have been adjusting. Adjusting to being a mom, a wife. Adjusting to living in a new country I had never been to before and knew very little about. I was desperately trying to find a place to call home.

All that adjusting took time and energy. It might have sucked the joy out of me repeatedly. And even though it was a great adventure, it was far from fun.

Therefore, the memories I’ve shared here are memories of struggle. I don’t like reading them. I think  they belong in a box far away and they shouldn’t be touched so often.

I think our lives have finally been transferred here. We had friends over for Christmas and will again for new year’s. It’s not a place filled with strangers anymore.

If I need buttons, I now know where to get them. I am not lost in a weird city.

I wanna make new memories. Different ones. Memories I can read. Be my sarcastic self again.

I can do that now.

It’s good to be home.

I’ll most likely keep my Hanson site updated ( www.3mbop.com ) and my blog about houses from movies and not-too-personal family adventures, which is in Portuguese, unfortunately ( www.du-bop.com ), if you wanna see what I’m up to.

Thank you for sticking around during these weird years.

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