That time I heard voices

It is not on my resume that I am a very quick decision-maker.

In fact, I believe I am 100% incapable of making decisions because I overthink things.

Still, we might all be here to evolve and become a better soul… therefore, my mission on this incarnation CLEARLY is to learn how to make decisions.

So, I have decided that we’ll be leaving Ottawa. Well, unless I can’t find a job in one of the 2 cities I’m inclined to move in to. On that case, we are staying in Ottawa.

Ok, so that’s decision 1.

Decision two is we are moving to Quebec city. Unless I get a job in Montreal that is SO-COOL I just need to move there.

The thing is Montreal is pretty amazing. It’s very well located and the possibilities are endless.

But Quebec city feels a lot like home. A lot of the vibe I was looking for. I feel like I can just lay on my couch there and be happy ’cause there’s no place else in the world I’d rather be.

Now, get ready for the weird part.

Seriously, it’s gonna be weird.

I got a job interview in Quebec city, where I wanted to go, right? And suddently I had a VERY strong feeling saying “DON’T GO”.

I do not know where it came from. I tried to think and think and understand why I was feeling that, but the moment I cancelled the interview, I was fine.

“There is a wise spirit guiding you” – my kardecist friend tells me.

“It was an angel” – said the catholic

“You are little schizophrenic” – said the psychiatrist

Truth is… I don’t know. And it’s gone now.

A couple days later I got another phone call with a better job offer and I felt no fear. No voice telling me not to take it. No nothing. Well, nothing except a very strong will to go there!

So, I am waiting for a magical phone call that may or may not happen but I am happy I heard a spirt, an angel or that I am, in fact schizophrenic … for as much as I am terrible at making  decisions, I can always trust that I’ll feel when they are right.

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