A couple years ago, I had to delete my facebook account because of a threat. It wasn’t a direct threat, but it still freaked me out.

This woman, I had never seen before in my life, commented that she had seen my girls with their grandparents at the mall.

“They go there a lot, don’t they? Almost every day. Around 6pm”.

We were from a small town, you see, we were pretty easy to spot.

I tried not to be rude with her but also not extend the conversation. She seemed too interested. She knew we were moving to Canada, she knew who we were.

At that point I thought “shit… the only reason she knows all this is basically because I told her” Well, not “her” per say, but I must have mentioned it in some social media and she was able to track it.

You see, being from a poor country, when people assume you have money (which I actually really don’t) it can be dangerous.

We were about to move to Canada, yes, but my parents were still going to be there. She knew where they lived. They could be kidnapped! And that’s not paranoia talking, that’s just Brazil. Promise.

So, I deleted that facebook account, created another one and – unfortunately – since I am such a big fan of photography, (no, I don’t even own a camera, but that’s a whole other story) I ended up sharing the girl’s photos from instagram MAYBE way too much.

At this point some random person, again, from Brazil, contacted me.

She asked for clothes for her kids. I was more than happy to help. But then she started texting A LOT and sending me tons of pictures of her kids “look at their faces, they are my life, I really need you to help me”.

Dude, I am all for helping. But this was getting weird.

At one point, she told me that one of her kids had cancer – out of the blue – and that she needed money for exams.

I cried.

I mean, I believed her and that’s just something really, really terrible.

But don’t go crying yourself just yet. The kid is fine. It wasn’t exactly true.

So, again, I thought “SHIT!”

I seriously need not to talk to people. I can barely handle my own crazy, I definitely can’t deal with someone else’s.

I do not have the maturity to be on facebook. Seriously. But we left everyone behind – and I do mean everyone – I’m kinda stuck to it.

So, I created a new one.

Let’s all cross our fingers and hope this time I use it wisely.

Sharing is good, but hiding is also important.

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