People are so mean.

I like writing. I like talking to people. If I see something that I like, there’s a chance I”ll wanna talk about it, but I rarely ever do that, specially on social media.

So, this morning I randomly complemented a famous girl on Instagram. It’s stupid to talk to the people who’ll never acknowledge your existence, but I do it from time to time, whenever I’m in a good mood.

Because of that, some random woman was rude to me.

She could have been rude to anyone down the street and they’d just ignore her and keep going with their lives. But it was me and I felt like I was attacked.

People are so incredibly mean and they have no idea how they affect others by doing that. The fact that that woman criticized my compliment made me shiver.

I have panic disorder -so they say-. I hate conflict. She doesn’t know that. All she knows is that something was going wrong with her life and she decided to take it out on strangers on Instagram.

Now I am questioning everything. I’m not sure if I’m healthy anymore. I start thinking I have some kind of rare disease that’s gonna kill me in months because that’s the way my mind works whenever I see conflict and I can’t stop it.

And now I’ll suffer. For minutes, hours or even days. It’s hard to say.

I’ll suffer because those tiny words from someone I’ll never meet triggered something on my brain that I fight day and night not to trigger so I can have some peace.

But she doesn’t know that.

None of us know the ghosts the live inside other people’s heads, as we wake them up day after day.

Yes, I am over sensitive and most of the things that disturb me are only inside my head and not actually happening. But I still suffer from that, unfortunately.

5 thoughts on “People are so mean.

  1. I think it’s great that you’re self aware enough to know it’s troubled you. It’s why I stay away from commenting on social media a lot and even why I have huge doubts about even writing a blog in a public space. BUT, I just concentrate on what I’m doing and knowing I’ve done the right thing makes me sleep well at night. I no longer give energy to trolls or mean people. Take what you need from the internet and keep scrolling x

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  2. To me social media and other internet communications seem to give a person a sense of entitlement to express whatever they want. I compare it to some who are aggressive drivers who are otherwise really nice people. The internet gives them a sense of anonymity to say what they wouldn’t to you in person. Their just seems to be a lack of tolerance online and frankly even in people in general. Mean, vengeful, one sides, unable to reason, or compromise. When you decide on just one side and never look at it from any other side. How can you be sure your correct? For me, I say what I mean in a respectful way and hope if other disagree they at least respectfully disagree. When they do not I try hard to just get past their behavior and don’t take it personally. After all you can typically find those people doing the same to others and you don’t have to look very hard. Ignoring those mean spirited people seems to suppress them more then anything. They seem to feed off making people upset.

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