Another mother’s life.

Twenty years ago, back when life was simple, we had a group of friends called “the Hansonholics”. We exchanged e-mails every single day telling each other about all the teenage drama that was going on in our lives. The fact that we all found each other because of Hanson was our excuse for the name. Right there, alone in front of my computer I found the best friends I’d ever had in my life. One of them became my child’s godmother.

I remember those days when I think of Mai. How we could never have imagined her mission on this earth and what expected her in real life.

She got pregnant a couple months before I did. She made sure her son was living in contact with nature and wouldn’t eat the wrong things. In fact, she was quite energetic on the matter (annoying sometimes, even). She is the most caring person in the universe. She’ll help other mothers go through childbirth as she photographs and encourage them. She never saw it coming.

Gael, her son is going to be 3 years old this month. He’ll have a birthday party at the hospital as he was diagnosed with leukemia around 20 days ago.

He is 2 years old. Is this even fair?

I caught myself waking up in the middle of the night and crying at work thinking of Mai. She must be an angel of some sort. A source of power. A special someone.

The campaign for donations is so out of her hand that it leads me to believe in something bigger. That maybe, as she is this special person, it was in fact her mission to inspire people like that and help other moms in the future.

First thing she said when she heard about the campaign was “He doesn’t need anything other than blood at this point, but please, donate. There are so many people that need it and if you can help my son, I’m sure you can help others too”. Because that’s who she is.

I will be coming here again in a long, long time, after his long, long treatment to write about how he is ok and how this whole experience changed all of us.

His name is Gael Diniz Nascimento and the  bone marrow data is universal, as far as I understand. He won’t need it ’til next year.

I hope the God that I believe from time to time allows me or you to be a match.

This is them, by the way… 🙂



I know.

2 thoughts on “Another mother’s life.

    1. It really is. I’m doing my best to send them the best energy I can and spreading the word so she gets more and more energy and help from all over the world. She needs to be strong and keep smiling for him right now.

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