I’m not a fan of this physical plane we’re in. At all.

I guess some people wanna be rich and famous, so this plane works fine for them. We basically just wanna be healthy and together, which is only partially up to us in this stupid plane.

You can always take your vitamins, eat healthy, exercise or whatever. I mean, you can always try not to give yourself a heart attack on purpose. But that won’t stop the car from hitting you at the corner or the genetic tumor to kill you slowly and ruinning your plans.

We have no control over ourselves on this plane. We barely control our lives.

We come to work, count the days to the weekend so that our kids can get an education that’ll allow them to come to work and count the days to the weekends.

If we don’t do that, we’ll starve.

And that’s just ’cause we’re the lucky ones! If we were in the other side of the planet we wouldn’t even have the option not to starve.

And sometimes we’re happy because our favorite band is playing in town and we’re sad because we’re not going.

And it’s all too small.

We are all so small that if there is actually a God looking after us, what makes us think we’d matter to Him?

Us, the tiny little dots in the corner of the universe going to work every day and counting the days for the long weekends.

Unless a car hits us on our way there.

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