Long weekend

I waited and waited for this long weekend so we could take the girls out and explore a little bit of the area we’re living!

Since we don’t have a car, we decided to walk down to the lake and see where the trail would take us and it was AMAZING!

The girls fell in love with the place and found out that throwing rocks at the lake was their favourite thing in the world. They like it better than the playground!

So, we went down the trail towards whitby yesterday and today we hit it towards Toronto! At one point, we could actually see the tower! We walked for 2 hours and then decided to come back because we were afraid the girls would be hungry and we had nothing but water with us, but they were so excited they didn’t complain at all (I’ll pack something next time – *terrible mom*)

I’ll leave you with the pictures ’cause they are far more fun than my words!

Towards pickering:

We even found a new playground!


And this is the trail towards  Toronto. It’s a lot busier and there are many parks! We are definitely staying longer next time!


It’s really nice that we can walk there, since we don’t have a car or our licenses yet and  it’s fun for everyone!

I’m definitely a winter person but I must admit, with the little ones, Summer is a blast! And it’s amazing that we don’t have to stop to breastfeed them or give them their bottle and carry the formula and the baby bag… like… REALLY amazing! – I know I’ve mentioned this before here, but I’m seriously amazed at how free to come and go with the girls we are right now! Completely different from last year! =)

I’ll enjoy the rest of this sweet Monday!

Thanks for stopping by, guys!

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