Long weekend

I waited and waited for this long weekend so we could take the girls out and explore a little bit of the area we’re living!

Since we don’t have a car, we decided to walk down to the lake and see where the trail would take us and it was AMAZING!

The girls fell in love with the place and found out that throwing rocks at the lake was their favourite thing in the world. They like it better than the playground!

So, we went down the trail towards whitby yesterday and today we hit it towards Toronto! At one point, we could actually see the tower! We walked for 2 hours and then decided to come back because we were afraid the girls would be hungry and we had nothing but water with us, but they were so excited they didn’t complain at all (I’ll pack something next time – *terrible mom*)

I’ll leave you with the pictures ’cause they are far more fun than my words!

Towards pickering:

We even found a new playground!


And this is the trail towards  Toronto. It’s a lot busier and there are many parks! We are definitely staying longer next time!


It’s really nice that we can walk there, since we don’t have a car or our licenses yet and  it’s fun for everyone!

I’m definitely a winter person but I must admit, with the little ones, Summer is a blast! And it’s amazing that we don’t have to stop to breastfeed them or give them their bottle and carry the formula and the baby bag… like… REALLY amazing! – I know I’ve mentioned this before here, but I’m seriously amazed at how free to come and go with the girls we are right now! Completely different from last year! =)

I’ll enjoy the rest of this sweet Monday!

Thanks for stopping by, guys!

The lovely twos

All of us mommies know that we are not supposed to brag about anything related to our babies/toddlers/teenagers… you know, children in general because somewhere out there there are thousands of moms going through the exact opposite and you do NOT want the universe to turn all that mom-thought-power against you because WE KNOW the bragging  will stop your baby from not having colics, sleeping through the night, eating well, behaving, not having tantrums, etc, etc pretty much instantly. It’s a powerful energy, people.

Still, I dare do say (because I’m so brave) that I’m LOVING the twos.

Life feels pretty much, kind of normal-ish every once in a while for about an hour. It is AMAZING.

Yesterday, we had friends over (which is also an amazing thing to say, we actually now have friends who live in Canada). Anyway, our friends were here for about 7 hours and we actually set on the couch and talked, watched videos, laughed just like we used to. I felt like myself… you know, my old-self and that’s when it hit me: I needed to make a list. An important list. I call it “The great big list of the things I miss”.

As a mother, I’m always hoping the girls will sleep early, sleep through the night, take their naps at the same time on a Saturday,basically just SLEEP or play with something safe for a while without crying or wining or fighting. You know… so I can have a little bit of time for myself.

Catching up on my sleep is, obviously, the priority, but sometimes I’m so happy I have  minutes to spare to do anything I want, I get excited and… and… I don’t know exactly what to do!

Still, last weekend, when they fell asleep I did something I hadn’t done in a very VERY long time. I laid on the couch with my feet up, covered myself with my favorite blanket, igonred the dirty dishes and watched a movie for a few minutes.

It was amazing! I think I cried. I was just lying there, just watching TV. God, I miss doing nothing.

So, basically my list would go like this for the moment:

I miss watching TV with my feet up covered with my favorite blanket for hours.

I miss eating sitting down at an actual table and with the family around.

I miss having furniture and decor elements like picture frames around the house. You know, breakable stuff.

Which reminds me I miss drinking from actual glasses, not plastic ones and leaving them at the counter or anywhere not worrying about how deadly that object can be.

I miss having a desk with my arts and crafts supplies on display instead of hidden over a very, very high shelf in the kitchen somewhere.

I miss sewing.

I miss not having to worry about the computer/cell phone charger being plugged in and someone taking the computer or cell phone without unplugging it or the babies removing it from the computer and putting in on their mouths and the life risk that crosses my mind whenever I think of that and the fact that I can’t do the freakin’ dishes because I always have to keep one eye on them and that’s making me cross-eyed! GOD!

I miss not having to worry about any sharpen/small objetc that might be reachable at all times.

I miss being able to turn my back at the stove when I’m making soup for ONE FREAKING SECOND.

I miss taking showers alone.

I miss breathing deeply.

I miss yoga.

I miss drawing and playing with photoshop.

I miss updating my Hanson website!

And it looks like, now that they’re two, I’ll start catching up on that list. Even though the most important list is the other one. The list of stuff I don’t miss and it has only one item.

I don’t miss not being their mom.

Let’s enjoy the rest of the Sunday, shall we?

ps: Diet is going good. Lost 7 pounds this week. Gained 2 back yesterday for some reason (Saturday is my elected day-off the diet).



Goodbye from beyond

I could try to begin to explain what Stella was like, but that’s just too hard. The creature (and I say that with love) came straight out of a comedy movie into real life.

She didn’t study much, she never left the city, she could barely understand how her cel phone worked but she always made us laugh.

She’d tell my mom stuff like “I’ve done the dishes and it took me forever you BETTER NOT leave any dirty dishes for me to wash tomorrow morning!”

Oh, and technically… she was our made.


She’s been with the family (back and forth) for 40 years. And she’s the reason I started taking showers longer than 2 minutes after a while (like, when the girls were around 10 months old).

She played with them and taught them how to samba while watching the movie ‘Rio’ every single day.

I’ll always remember our last day in Brazil when she held their 2 bottles in her hands, close to her chest and said with all the feelings in the world mixed together “These are the very last bottles I’ll ever make for them”.

She stared at the bottles for a second and handed them to me.

I chocked.

I wanted to hug her, I wanted to cry. I wanted to tell her that it wasn’t true… but it was. We both knew it was.

So, she took her things and never said goodbye properly. She was trying so hard not to cry -much- in front of me and the girls.

I was trying not to cry too.

The stupid decisions I make in life. Not to make a scene, instead of holding the ones I love for the last time.

Last week my mom called me and said that Stella had a terrible cold, but she wouldn’t stay home. – She was being stubborn , like always.

Until the day she did stay home and they had to run with her to the hospital because she couldn’t breathe.

Just like that.

She had a cold, she couldn’t breathe. I knew she was in the hospital on Saturday… and on mother’s day she was gone.

I was alone with the girls. My mom was on Skype with me all day. It was a sucky day. I couldn’t understand it or believe it and I kept thinking about how she was so excited about visiting the girls she missed so much here in Canada.

So many things were just not going to happen. Did I say goodbye? Did she know we loved her?

So, I went to bed and everything changed.

She came back and said goodbye.

She said that she was dead and that she had to go, but she wanted us to know that she loved us very much and blew us all a kiss as she waved goodbye and left to the other world.

When I called my mom this morning… I found out she had stopped to say goodbye to her too.

I really wanna believe it was her… she was smiling and she had the same big heart as always.

And today, at work, the office smelled like her food for a bit.




One easy day

There’s isn’t much to write about yesterday, and maybe I even shouldn’t, but the fact is I want to remember it forever.

A nice Saturday. Nothing major.

We went to Walmart.

They do not request feeding every 2 hours anymore. They don’t wanna be carried around (although they still enjoy it). And, if they get hungry during our “trip”, we can just get them some regular milk and fries from McDonald’s. Which basically means there’s no more carrying the huge baby bags (we could never fit everything in one) with the diapers and the formula and the bottles, baby wipes, towel, extra set of clothes and a bunch of stuff I don’t even remember anymore.

But it’s not like that anymore. Not yesterday. Yesterday , they enjoyed spring for the first time in Canada. I documented it (poorly) as it was the first time they ever saw the little yellow flowers. “Wooooow” – they said. While carefully touching them without ever attempting to catching them.




I think that’s special. And I could not dream about these moments just a couple months ago when they were so dependent and they would absolutely not sleep through the night – nor for more than 20 minutes during the day.


So, we came home and I was psychologically prepared for the wining and watching them so they don’t throw stuff on the toilet… you know, the usual. But what happened was, they slept for 2 hours – which gave me time to set up the shoe rack I got for their playroom while we don’t have a car to go shop for proper furniture (and Ikea charges 100 dollars to deliver. Does anyone else have a better idea? I’m rather new here.)

So, I did that and when they woke up, they spent the rest of the day playing with their toys.


Aurora did get too excited with the new yogurts and threw up around mid-night, but that’s basically just because earlier that day I had giggled when I read Bumbi’s mom poem and the universe HAD to get back at me.

But I won’t remember that part.

Just a nice Saturday…

*And I kept it under 1200 calories… I don’t really get hungry when I’m this calm. =)