Sleeping levels

Yesterday, I didn’t worry about attempting to put the girls to bed early, since I didn’t have to wake up early myself the next morning.

So, we were basically playing and watching “Inside Out” for the 50th time and, at one point something MAGICAL happened:

Aurora took my by the hand and walked me to the room. They both hopped into the bed and hugged me, as  we kept watching the movie for about 5minutes and they simply rolled over and fell asleep.

I was appalled by that scene and about how much things had changed.

I remembered the days when they’d cry themselves to sleep, the times when I’d rock them for 3 hours until they finally fell sleep… the days when my mom and I would wake up at least 4 times every night to feed each one of them. Oh, how we danced!

I couldn’t imagine the day when we’d just cuddle and fall asleep watching movies.

It feels amazing.

I absolutely couldn’t imagine the day they’d be playing tea party and I’d be writing this.

I’m a big fan of Katie and I read her blog every day, since I have no record of my first months with my girls. It’s a good reminder that those days where hard. We’ve been through most of the same things and I find it important for me to keep in touch with those hard days… otherwise I might think it’s always been like this and consider having twins again.

I won’t. I couldn’t.

I wish.


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