We’re gonna be just fine

We’re camping.

Not outside, ‘cause I’m still me and very much afraid of bugs, birds, snakes, spiders and probably trees. But we’re still camping inside the apartment right now.

It was easier this time though, moving, I mean. When we first came to Canada the girls did not recognize the new apartment as a safe place and they wouldn’t leave our laps. They were terrified, they wouldn’t eat, they got sick. It was NOT a fun couple of weeks. Eventually, we spread their toys around and bought a few pieces of furniture to make it look more like a house and they were fine. It took a while, though.

So, of course, we were worried that something similar could happen this time. But there’s a God out there (probably) and the girls were just running around and playing in the new apartment from the moment they got there! Even though our furniture is not here yet!

We are now finally able to breath a little. Hopefully we’ll have a fun weekend and rest a little bit.

As fun as it is though, I do not enjoy doing things last minute. Thing is, they confirmed that we would get the apartment Saturday night at 10pm because It took us forever to get the Equifax report, since we are not from here and we haven’t been here long. So I was on the phone on Saturday from 10am to 3pm trying to do this.  So, yeah, I was a little bit stressed out, I’d say – specially since this was Saturday in Brockville and I had to be at work on Monday… in Pickering!

That’s the reason we couldn’t pack properly! We had no idea if we would be able to bring our stuff with us or if I should pack for a week and we’d be staying at the hotel because the landlord was still deciding if he’d accept us or not.

By the time the landlord said yes, I had already booked the hotel and there was NO WAY I could get a u-hull, a driver and pack in 2 hours on a SUNDAY, so we came to Pickering on Sunday afternoon with just a couple of things and stayed at the hotel!

So, Monday came and I acted like I had my life all together at work.

It turns out I’m not a good actress ‘cause everyone knew things were a mess! Yep. There goes my oscar nomination.

Even though the landlord accepted us, we still had to make the deposit for 5 months rent and a bunch of paper work had to be done (like insurance for the place and stuff like that) before they could actually give us the keys.

We ended up getting the keys to the apartment on Tuesday night but we didn’t go there before Wednesday at noon, when I we checked out of the hotel during lunch hour.

Yes, I was running everywhere WITHOUT a car, which makes everything so-much-harder!

Lucky for me I’ve actually carefully selected the BEST working team in all of Canada and decided to work with them. Not only my boss told me to stay home so we could move to the apartment, one of my colleagues actually came over with food and all kinds of supplies for us and the girls. I mean… SERIOUSLY? How ridiculously awesome are they?

My desk at work is already all decorated with pictures of the girls. I live 8-minutes-away and everyone here just seems very (VERY) calm and they’ve been working here for 10 years or longer (which means it’s not a place people would wanna leave, I think). I have all kinds of benefits (which I don’t understand) and the work is pretty complex but very doable!

It’s all coming together, people!

We’re gonna be just fine!


4 thoughts on “We’re gonna be just fine

  1. Sounds like a crazy hectic week! I would have had a panic attack at a half dozen times dying that process! Glad to hear you’re all settled in and the girls are taking well to the new place 🙂


  2. Oh my good lord. I’m exhausted just reading this!

    But why did you have to give 5 MONTHS worth of rent for the apartment?! Usually you just pay first and last.

    Your colleagues sound absolutely incredible. I think you’re gonna like working there!


    1. Because we’re not canadians, I’d say! Actually, we had to pay for 12 months in Brockville (and we lost about 5 ’cause we moved here) and then we paid 5 more here. We’re losing SO much money, it’s not funny at all!


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