Bye, mommy!

I worried that they’d miss me during the week as I knew I’d be covering for a friend at her work. I pictured them running around the house , screaming “mommy, mommy”. Would they think that I was in the bathroom? Would they knock  on the door? I knew they wouldn’t understand if daddy told them I’d be back later.

We’ve spent the last six months together and yes, it drove me crazy, but I worried about them and the separation.

So, I’d sneak out in the morning as they watched peppa pig, hoping that they wouldn’t see me get out.

On the first day, when I got back home, Aurora did not leave my lap. They’d both hug me so tight,  to the point where they were sobbing if I went to the bathroom. My back hurt from carrying them around , but I felt so important.

I love the way they come running ti me when I get home.

So, today, they saw me leave. I thought they’d run to the door, but they didn’t. They just said “bye, mommy”!

I was happy, because they were not suffering and I thought maybe they understood that I always come back.

I was devastated.

I hope they always need me, ’cause I need my mom to this day. I hope we have the kind of relashionship where we can always hug.

I hope I learn how to handle this.

All I praid for was a couple hours by myself so I could read a magazine, and, when it get it… This happens.


This mom role is far too complicated.

take care, guys!

2 thoughts on “Bye, mommy!

  1. Motherhood is definitely more complicated than it seems from the outside 😓 I can so completely relate to this post that it actually made me feel better that I’m not the only ‘crazy mommy’ out there 😉


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