House arrest

“How’s Canada treating you?” you might ask me, as we reach the 6 months mark.

Well, it feels like house arrest most of the time, since it’s -20 outside and we don’t have a car… but mostly, it feels like some kind of unpaid forced vacation. All the time. Anything but real life, I’d say.

Real life is having a routine, at least for me. You wake up, you do things, you turn on the TV, you watch news… you house has furniture. Stuff like that.

We’re just not at that point yet.

I don’t really wanna wish for the next phase because sometimes I feel like I’m always waiting on the future instead of enjoying the present. I waited a long time to move here, for over an year all I could think about was what it would be like once we moved and now that we’re here I find myself wishing we’d have a job already and a house and all those things that make you feel secure about a place.

It’s just neve enough. There’s always frustration. Always wishing, always waiting. Counting the days, hoping things will change.

And when they do, there’ll be new things I’ll worry about.

We’re not working yet. It’s fine. We’re sharing precious moments with them that will never come back. By the time they start school and I’m working again I’ll just read this and wishing I could turn back time and enjoy being home with my kids.

We’re good. Getting poorer by the minute, but good.






2 thoughts on “House arrest

  1. Oh, we love it! I got myself some netflix and tons of coke zero and I’m all set… But I do get worried about the kids, specially with the vitamin D thing. And if we had a car we could probably take them somewhere to play. Still, they seem to be having fun in their playroom! We are very new to this winter and are still learning what we can and can not do! I just told my husband the other day that you were taking your baby out in the stroller and that’s a good reference because we never know if we should take the kids out or not! Usually we only take them out when the temperature is above 5! 🙂 anyway, thanks for stopping by. I miss talking to people, I guess.


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