She’s a cryer. She wakes up and starts crying already, so we feed her a bottle of milk. We think she’ll stop.

She doesn’t.

She keeps crying all through the day for the most diverse reasons. Sister got her toy. She wants to play with water. She wants to touch the computer. Turn off the TV.

If she doesn’t get it her way, she cries.

At night, she cries and points and say half of the words repeatedly, mad at us because we can’t understand her.

Tonight she wanted the ket, ket, KET, MOMMY, KET! It was a blanket. It took us forever to figure that out. It took her forever to sleep.

She woke up in the morning. No nap AT ALL all day. She finally fell asleep, being rocked by daddy, holding her blanket to make sure it was covering her shoulders, otherwise she’d go crazy around 2 a.m.

I just hope she’s not up by 7:20 a.m. again. I need recovering.

Though days.

No luck on any jobs yet. Maybe she can feel it.


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