My parents came to Canada for 30 days. That’s 30 days with us, parents, grandparents one great-grandparent, two toddlers and ONE bathroom.

In my head – ’cause I’m a dreamer – this would be a time to watch all those episodes of Orange is the new black I missed and maybe throw in a little bit of vintage Ashton Kutcher stuff (reads, “That 70’s show”). It was gonna be awesome!

Why would I think that? Seriously.

The fact that I got a one-month job at the mall and I wasn’t home most of the time resulted in a gigantic, enormous I mean, really big pile of dishes waiting for me when I got home every day.The house is upside down. I can’t find anything. I’d probably rather use a public bathroom by now and the girls are being impossible!

My parents just do whatever the hell the girls want (’cause they’re grandparents) and my mom is still my mom. She has no sense of logic and she can’t even put on Agatha’s pants . “I don’t wanna disturb her” – she says.

Now that I’m done complaining, and I’m calm, let’s do pluses.

Dad’s payed for everything since he’s been here and the girls are talking quite a little, ’cause my mom does NOT shut up.

I was actually able to go for short walks with my husband during nap time and we actually had lunch together!

The girls are very different. Like, right now, they’re watching cartoons (and have been for a while) while playing on the floor with their toys and they don’t really need me. Really, that’s awesome. I’ve longed for the day when I’d be able to do anything inside the house apart from watching them constantly. It took forever.

So, right now I’m at the moment when I’ve got a little time to myself and I cannot decide between taking a shower, watching some TV or making myself a huge cauppuccino.

Oh, never mind, they’re both crying.


Later, guys!

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