Just 5 more minutes

I think life is short. Doesn’t matter how long you end up living, you’ll always leave too soon and miss on so much. 

That’s why I hate the days when I’m constantly looking at the clock wishing time would run faster. Isn’t time running fast enough as it is? Shouldn’t I be living instead of wishing life would just pass by?

I remember these days at my old job when I was feeling exhausted and I felt like I had been there for hours, but when I’d check the time, it would be 7-something am. I wanted  to cry.

It can’t always be fun all the time, I guess. 

It doesn’t seem to fair though, that some people get to live, and others just get to survive.

I’m doing both. Not to the extreme and it’s not so bad. But still, right now, I’m just wishing for the clock to run faster… And that’s a shame.

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