I’m not bipolar, I’m just a gemini.

I need 2 blogs.

I need to be able to sit down with my dearest cup of mocaccino and write about the stuff that’s been bothering me, so I can read my thoughts and organize them in my head. If that ever makes sense.

I also need to visit colorful, happy places, take 1000 pictures and make humorous comments about them.

I don’t think those two Micheles go together.

One of them is day, the other one is night. One of them is what you see, the other one is hiding underneath trying to keep herself from exposure. At least, sometimes.

I’m not lying. Ever. I just have them inside me. Is it just me?

I’m also taking down the link for this blog from my porfolio, ’cause that was just a stupid, stupid idea I had one day.

Fine, I’m just thinking out loud right now.

Organizing thoughts, as I said.

Sometimes, my posts don’t even make that much sense. But thank you guys for reading them.

I’ll leave you with a picture of a street so beautiful I absolutely can’t believe we live here and that we don’t have to leave.


Later, guys!

Love and confusion,


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