The irresponsible factor

As an immigrant and a mom to twins you’d think I’d just send out resumés like a crazy person to whatever production line jobs they offered in Canada.

It would be the responsible thing to do, considering the fact that there’s a big chance THE KIDS GOTTA EAT. Right?

But could I just not do that for a while and pretend it’ll be ok? I’m applying to dream jobs only. Something that’d make me wake up excited in the morning and not thinking “God, I don’t wanna get up”. I’ve done that for too long.

Working at the shipyard was hell. I hated every second. And, even though it was the experience I got there that pretty much qualified me to be here, I wouldn’t go back. Not to that job, not to any similar jobs. Well, at least not until my options are a little open…

I guess I am just irresponsible. Or am I?

4 thoughts on “The irresponsible factor

    1. Oh, God! I have this precise picture in my head! It involves a room filled with macs and personalized mugs! Oh, and tons of drawings and sketches on the walls! Ive applied for a few graphic designing jobs in toronto! How cool would that be? 🙂


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