Letter to future self – Sept 2015.

Beyond all the crying, the screaming and the not doing what you tell them to there’s a moment you visit from time to time as a parent. It doesn’t matter how tired you are, you cannot sleep. You don’t want to. You are holding your baby. Sleeping  in your sore, tired arms. Nothing in the world can make you let go.

The baby is there to remind you that everything is ok and that you’re the luckiest person in the world, because you are a parent.

You think far away thoughts like “I’m gonna miss you when you go off to college, little one.” … because you know time flies. You’ve seen it happen before. You know you are gonna miss this baby holding your legs and stretching those little arms in your direction begging you to hold her. The little face she makes.

You know she won’t be doing that for long. When was the last time you hugged your parents and let time fly by? Do you even remember? I bet your mom misses her baby too.

In a couple years your arms won’t be so sore and you’ll get a lot more sleep… and you’ll miss these days. You’ll miss being the only person in the world your baby needs to be happy.

You’ll miss having them home. Sleeping over your tummy.

I’m sorry I can’t freeze time for you, honey. I do not have the power to bring you back to this moment 20 years from now when you’re finally feeling this… but I can tell you one thing: Even though this moment, mid-night September 10, 2015 is gone, you are one lucky girl for having lived it.

All the best,


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