Long live indoors!

Give me a computer and some blackout curtains and you’ll see a happy woman! It’s really my element. Something tells me that my girls, at this point of their lives haven’t quite gotten this quite figured out yet. I feel like they can’t tell right from wrong just yet so, I’m very disappointed to say that, yes, they love the playground! They love playing in the sand with all the bugs and ants and … well, did I mention sand?

Wanna spot me at the playground? That’s easy! I’m the mom who is actually IN the slide with her kid while the other moms are God-knows-where and their big kids are stealing the toys from my 1 year old daughters!

There was this one little girl in particular, I’m not sure if she’s from our building or where the heck she came from, but she playing “monster” and going “help me, baby, help me!” but it wasn’t a normal/happy screaming, that was DESPERATE screaming! My babies were seriously afraid of her as she pushed them around and took all their toys. And I’m like “honey, where’s your mommy?”… turned out, her big sister (who was probably 12 or so) was the one watching after her. Her mom was probably taking a long, long, long, long bath and recovering from watching a seriously hyper kid all day! God, I hope my girls are not that hyper!

I know, the playground makes me completely paranoid. There were so many bees around  ! I didn’t know bees could be so big!

Indoors are fun! We have computers and TV and Jared Leto on netflix! They’ll come around eventually, I’m sure!

So, humans of the world, do not be fooled by the pictures! This wasn’t fun at all… well, not for mommy!

IMG_0972 IMG_0977 IMG_0991

Take care!

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