We’ll see each other again soon

My husband and I went for our last ride around the town where I grew up and we first met today… and my first friend came to visit.

Old friends are special ’cause they make you feel at home. We share old stories, we know we’ve laughed and cried together. We know everything basically, we’ve always been there.

We lose touch from time to time, that’s for sure… but you know you have a special place in their hearts when you see them stop breathing for a couple seconds after they ask you “How long are you going to be away for?” and you answer  “Forever”.

I’m glad she came here today to say goodbye. It was so special. I do not wish I could take all my friends with me, ’cause we all have our lives, and even if they were all close, things would never be the same as they where back in 1987 playing under my grandmother’s bed. I just wish I could freeze time in some special moments and go back then every once in a while… just for a couple hours…

That’s what photo albums are for I guess… and we’ve certainly made one for the album today…


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