I’m such a loner

I was taking a personality test the other day, just ’cause I do get curious sometimes to find out what those algorithms have to say about me and one of the questions was:

“Would you rather be alone or with your friends?”

I immediately thought of answering “with my friends”, but my husband actually screamed from the other side of the room “ALONE!”. I stopped. I clicked over “alone”, after all.

As I sit here, in this empty house, with nothing but the sound of distant cars out there and I know my husband and kids won’t be back for another 2 hours I realize it’s true.

I’ve been alone most of my life and it was awful. But now that my house and my life are filled with people, these quiet moment are rare… and precious.

I did what Macaulay Culkin taught me and unfroze a cheese lasagna. I also ordered a pizza just for me. I ate half of the lasagna with a tiny spoon, which took me about 45 minutes. I was not in a hurry and my meal was hot. That doesn’t happen very often, so I HAD to enjoy it.

I called my best friend and answered the phone to my mom about seven times.

They’ll be home in one hour and forty minutes. Which means, my alone time was great, but I’ve started looking at the clock already.

I cannot wait until it’s just the 4 of us. It’s been way too crowded lately…

Just 3 more weeks and we’ll finally be home. That is… if we can actually find a house. But that’s a whole different topic and I’ll get back on that!

Take care, people from the world.

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