A slightly supernatural story about my husband

About 13 years ago I got a tattoo. It was a little heart on my right wrist. From that moment, I fell in love with tattoos. If you had asked me a couple years back, I’d say I hated tattoos and people who had them. Then I realized that little voice in my head was not mine… it was my mom’s.

A while later, I decided to get a tattoo on my leg. So, I started to draw it. I drew an angel… it was a male angel with big wings and really long, straight, dark hair. It was no one I knew. I was just an angel. I felt protected by that powerful image, for some reason. But I was afraid to actually get it done, since it was sort of a realistic drawing and  it was really easy to mess it up. I lived in a small town with no really decent tattoo artists… so, no. I didn’t do it.

But  I  did give it to my friend Ana, who also loved it and wanted to get it done on her leg. She never did it, for the same reasons… but she is my witness that this story is true.

I had actually forgotten about this and never really connected the facts… but a couple days ago, Alanis Morissette posted on her facebook page “Happy Anniversary, angel husband”. And so it hit me.

Our words have power… and it seems like our drawings do too.

I might have called him with my wishes, it may be a crazy coincidence, but the fact is we found each othe years later (since he was probably 7 years old when I drew it)!

As a native american descendant and in his teens, that long haired boy looked exactly like my angel. How weird is that? And how much does this post need images to be a little more clear?

I’ll work on that. Promise.

Wouldn’t it be nice is magic was real, though?

Take care,


ps: How do you like my new main page at www.badubop.net? I’m trying to put a portfolio together, so, I haven’t had much time to think or blog. Terribly sorry about that.

One thought on “A slightly supernatural story about my husband

  1. OMG. Let’s talk about destiny, h?
    I’m waiting so badly to see this tattoo of an angel-who-looks-like-your-husband!
    Btw, I’ve just read all your texts and now I’m completely updated. Also, I’ve really loved this new “let’s talk and write in english” style!


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