Is this day 4?

So, diet day 4 -which felt like day 616- was fine. I mean, I wasn’t hungry per say, but I’m struggling to remembering things. Simple things, like a seriously small 2-step choreography during ballet class or the night menu. I’m pretty sure I checked my cell phone at least 10 times at the supermarket ’cause I couldn’t memorize “eggs, white cheese and carrots”.

This right here might be the reason models are considered stupid. Giv’em some real food and we’ve got ourselves genius. (Although I think it’s pretty genius to make money by modeling, actually. Whole different topic.)

How could it possibly have been only 4 days? Four days usually go by a LOT quicker.

I actually almost quit the diet last night. Not ’cause I was hungry (or thin) but because it was friday night and I wanted to go out and have dinner with my husband, like I always do and this food is plain boring. But I didn’t quit. I wasn’t hungry, so, why quit, right?

Here’s the menu:


Told ya I wasn’t hungry, see? Hungry people don’t attempt to draw with their food like I did! Hungry people eat their boiled eggs before they get a chance to take a picture!

So, lunch was, like I said before: Carrots, white cheese and one boiled egg.

I added a little afternoon snack, since I had skipped breakfast again:


And then I had dinner:


The diet menu said diet-white-tates-like-sweat-yogurt, but there’s no way in hell I’m that hungry, so I got creative and wrapped a few carrots on mozzarella cheese. It is mathematically impossible for this to screw up the diet. Seriously.

Still, I didn’t drop a pound, but I feel good for not quitting. Or will feel, once I see any results and my mood is back to normal.

Right now I’m just…

Don’t feel like writing at all, sorry.

To help with my mood I’ve started one of those mandala coloring books. I’m pretty much fooling myself, because I will not get any free time, probably, in the next 4 years, until the girls start school, but this is what I got done, before they started screaming for attention:

If my math is correct, I’ll get the book done by February 2039.

Take care, moms. My Agatha needs the computer now!


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