I refuse to be angry.

Don’t get me wrong, I am no Ned Flanders.


But I still want to reserve myself the right to refuse to be too angry from now on. And I don’t mean hating the door nob when I bang my elbow against it.  I mean feeling what I felt a couple weeks ago – Read here.

Going to bed and waking up STILL angry was such a terrible experience! I could feel it changing my body. It made my stomach hurt, my mind was blurred and everything was bitter. I didn’t eat at all and my girl’s tummies were *funny* (if you know what I mean). They were nervous too. They felt it.

I hated it.

It got me wondering HOW CAN SOME PEOPLE LIVE LIKE THIS CONSTANTLY? How can someone just handle so much hate? Doesn’t your body react to that? I mean, don’t you eventually DIE from anger?

Actually, yes, you do. Just like the Monks don’t get cancer or Alzheimer’s or heart attacks – read here – , angry people make themselves sick. (Well, not that ANGER is the cause of these nasty things 100% of the time, duh. But there IS a real percentage of cases attributed to it.)

I am not surprised at all. It was a terrible, terrible feeling… no wonder your body gets exhausted trying to keep it going. I only felt it for a day and I was crawling.

So, there you have it. All you fucking assholes can just go on being assholes and I’ll try my best to replying with a “well… fuck it.”.

You won’t stop annoying me… but letting you go feels so much better than being angry at you that I’ll go with that.

Let’s all enjoy the last weekend of Summer instead.

my girls

That time I realized I was not the problem.

I think every religion has something beautiful to offer and I love learning about them. I was raised Catholic yet, I feel like Spiritism has always given me great an answer to every single complicated religious question I’ve ever asked. Still, as I grew up and learned about myself, I realized I was happiest when mediating and learning about Buddhism.

When you meditate it looks like you are doing nothing… but you are doing everything.

There’s a chance I am actually fascinated by the idea of being high all the time. You know, watching the flowers grow or “the puddles gather rain”, but I wanna believe it’s actually about finding answers.

I wish I could do that. Learn more about myself, this life and our spirits. But, how could I? Really, I am just a slave.

No matter how blue the sky is in the morning and how much I wanna absorb that moment, I’ll just run out of the house, put some make up on the car and sit at the office for 8 hours.

I don’t wanna sit at the office. I wanna breathe. Deeply. I wanna feel the wind and maybe even feel the Earth spin.

I’ll design boats instead.

It’s not my choice.

The fact that I don’t get to chose makes me nervous, keeps me up at night. It’s hard to wake up, so I won’t pack my lunch ’cause I’m late. I’ll just eat something terrible, pricey and grease at work.

I don’t wanna eat that. It’s gonna make me sick. I wanna eat something that doesn’t hurt my stomach. But I was too exhausted to make it and now I am too hungry to not eat.

I go home and I am thinking I really, really wanna go for a walk. Ride my bike. Roller skate. But my legs are bruised and swollen from sitting down all day and eating crap. It hurts to stand up.

I make the girls some dinner instead. They don’t like it. I make something else. They just want tuna. I don’t wanna give them tuna again ’cause they had it yesterday. Fuck it, have some tuna but you are NOT having tuna tomorrow.

I give them a bath, get on the tub with them hoping my legs will hurt a little less. They still hurt.

So, that makes me sad. Shaky. My heart in racing and  can’t put my finger on what’s wrong ’cause you see… there’s really nothing wrong other than the way this society forces me to function. I realize that I am lucky and I realize that we are fine. But I wanted more. I wanna be able to enjoy life and not just work-sleep-repeat.

I think society is making everyone sick and I don’t wanna be another number in those stats.

And that’s what got me thinking about religion. I figured, if society really did make us sick then the Monks, who are not a slave of this system just basically wouldn’t get sick. Right?

Yes, right. Absolutely right, actually. I googled it. They don’t get sick. We do.

Finding that out was pretty amazing for me, the paranoid hypochondriac. It gave me some peace of mind… like… there’s a small chance we are actually in control. There’s a chance the answers to everything that is making us sick in this world are already out there and it is possible to live a more fulfilling life just by slowing down.

Unfortunately, we’ll always need money. Therefore we’ll always succumb to the system.

But slowing down is a start.

Let’s start from there, then.

Anger (is for fools)

Yesterday I was angry. Still, indecisive like I am, I just couldn’t decide whether or not it was worth it to put people in their places with my words or not.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot to say! But something inside me kept me from saying it. I needed to think about it first.

Yes, I am surprisingly mature.

Would they reflect on what I had to say? Most likely not.

Would they change? Definitely not.

So, what was the point, really? To proof that I was superior? To make me feel good? Well, I figured there were other ways of doing that, which didn’t require that much energy.

Fighting (arguing) can be pretty time-consuming and low-level. I personally don’t like it and I don’t do it unless I absolutely have to AND there’s actually a purpose to it. Like, it will solve the conflict or lead to some sort of conclusion.


First, I chose to just allow myself be angry.

Then, I talked to my husband (my mom, my boss & my best friend- haha) about it. I let it all out and discussed with them if my anger was unfunded or not.

It was not.

Then, we watched a nice little movie I love… ’cause… well, it was finally on netflix and you can’t say “no” to 16 candles (if you can, you are a very weird person)

16 candles

The movie helped, but a while later, I was still upset.

At one point, I realized that I was upset for letting people get to me. It made me feel immature at some level. It made me feel quite stupid, actually.

Apparently, even the Bible agrees that only the stupid get angry, so I was on the right track:


At least I think that’s from the Bible. Right?

Then I googled “What would Jesus do”. – for real – I really, really did that –  it wasn’t helpful AT ALL and I decided to actually create that website myself… ’cause that was just freaking genius!

Since googling “Jesus” didn’t help, as a last resort, I called my dad – who I have really been missing right now – and he laughed! He reminded me that we are the people that matter and that outsiders should not have the power to interfere with our lives.

My dad just calmed me down. And he did something important: He reminded me that the focus of my life now was my children. So, I should really not give a fuck about how this makes me feel and I should focus on “how is this affecting them?”.

As a mother, it is my responsibility to make sure I set the example for my children and I keep the bad examples away from them. I do not want to bring them up in an environment where people have completely different values than mine and whose attitudes towards life I consider immature, disrespectful and unhealthy.

I also believe that the people who genuinely care about my children will always put them first, like I will; like I see my husband and my parents doing. I mean, my husband sacrificed his career; people mock him for being a stay-home-dad but he chose that because he can see how important the time he is spending with our children is! He is a GREAT parent!

So, because of that, I tried work things out with these people, for they were also a part of their lives.

I called. 3 times.

No one picked up the phone.

I texted.

All I got were rude immature answers back.

Wait… what?

My children are only 3 years old and I am happy this happened now, when they are young enough not to understand what was going on. They are very loving and caring. They never fight. We will never hit them. We hug and kiss them so much they hug and kiss each other all the time. If you can’t behave nicely in front of my children, I will most likely cut you off, pal.


So, there you had it! This was not the kind of attitude I would tolerate around my children. I do not want them to grow up in a nasty environment and I most certainly do not want to see them acting like that when they grow up. 

Unfortunately, to keep your immediate family values alive, sometimes I’ll need to cut some people off, for they will never change.


I’ll give them time and space to grow up and mature so they can be allowed around my family again for it is my job to make sure my girls will have all the reasons in the world to keep that big smile on their faces. I know life is cruel  and they’ll figure that out by themselves soon enough. NOT at the age of 3 and NOT coming from the people who were supposed to protect them.

Not all souls have light. Some of them are still learning but it’s just something they’ll have to learn by themselves and NOT at the cost of my well-being.

Sorry, I can’t fix you. Not my job.

Late-late movie night, tonight!

Long weekend

Long weekends are wonderful! Now that the girls are sleeping through the night and not on diapers anymore I actually found the time to put on make up – which I swear I hadn’t in YEARS – and smell the rain… I’m telling you, it’s amazing.

We were supposed to visit Quebec city this weekend and boy, was I excited. Except, we ended up not going ’cause my husband’s dad had a change of heart – to make a long story short.

Yeah, I was disappointed. VERY disappointed.

Fine! I was sobbing at one point!

I feel like Quebec city is gonna be our final destination here in Canada. I feel like it’s gonna be home! I can’t wait to go home. I am desperate to go home…

At one point my husband looked at me and said “we should get you your camera”. Which made very little sense through all the sobbing but I knew I had to say “yes”. I mean, I had been waiting to get the stupid camera for at least 17 years.

So, we did and quickly I was “kinda-ok” with postponing our trip indefinitely.

For the rest of the weekend, the 4 of us were trapped in the house, but I didn’t mind.

I studied French as much as I could (I still suck at it) and later I played with my camera as my girls played with their little trains….


Outside there were beautiful thunders and the bluest skies.


And then, just like that, Tuesday came and I found myself longing for the next long weekend.


Camera drama

Remember Pink Floyd’s lyrics “Threatened by shadows at night, and exposed in the light.”?

Well, I am sure they’ve secretly written that for me.

I am afraid of the dark (duh, Ghosts!) and I don’t do well with lights.

I wish the twilight would last longer. So, the other day I photographed it just to be able to look at those colors whenever I felt like it.


I wish I could live in twilight.

Also, as I took those pictures I wished I had an actual camera to register that moment that was oh-so-calming and made me feel like I could actually take a deep breath after I had been so stressed out for such a long time and I was so happy the cel phone camera was actually able to capture those beautiful colors.

Sometimes, I am all about the smallest things. Sometimes I go a little overboard with that too…

See, I don’t have a camera.  And judging by my bank account balance I’d guess I am nowhere near getting one. We need to buy important stuff like… ya know… food. So I try not to think about that and I’m happy with my cel phone pics.

Still, my husband’s dad came to visit us this week and unlike me, he has one.

That was it.

Suddenly, it was 1888 all over again. As he showed me his fancy new camera, I felt EXACTLY the same way I did when I was 6 and my next-door neighbor got the toy I wanted for Christmas! I. Wanted. To. Cry.  Yes, I am a grown woman, I realize that! (Thank you) Therefore this time, not only I, again, couldn’t ask my MOMMY or my DADDY for the toy because they couldn’t afford it (just like they couldn’t in 1888 and I never mentioned it to them that I wanted my friend’s toy and not the scary bear I had gotten because I knew that was all they could give me) I also was not allowed to do that anymore even if they happened to be able to afford it because, well, I am the mommy now!

I do remember the feeling though, ’cause I have it on my throat right now. And I realize  how much that moment (and several similar moments I had throughout my childhood) had influenced me ’cause whenever my kids want something, I think that if I tell them they can’t have it, they’ll feel like this AND IT SUCKS.

It’s quite hard being a 6 year-old in a grown-up’s body.

But then I got to play with it a little bit and my husband, who is basically uncle scrooge’s cheap cousin, felt my pain so bad I thought he was gonna run out of the house and get me an effing camera.

Here’s the result:



It’s a canon powershot G1X , in case you’re lucky enough to be shopping for cameras, pal. It wouldn’t be my camera of choice (I’d go for a Sony a5100 right now ’cause you have the option to accessorize it) but hey… who am I, really, to talk about cameras?

Yes, I still wanna cry a little bit.

That was basically my Thursday and I’ll admit, it’s SUCH a small thing. But see, other people’s world sometimes don’t make sense to us. That’s just the way it is.

Sorry, people. Remember, you are talking to someone who apparently talks like she believes in smurfs… so, don’t expect too much “normal” to come out of my mouth. One day I’ll be afraid of terrorists or killer virus. The next, I’ll be a 6 year old brat.

Have yourself a merry little long-weekend.

Papa Smurf knows how much we all deserve one!

Done panicking and wishing

When I started this blog I called it “I am not always panicking“. Because I really wasn’t. I enjoyed those 5 minutes between one panic attack and the next.

Later, I learned how to control them.

We moved to Canada and, all our wishes were about to come true. The snow would fall outside as the Christmas lights would reflect on our window.

The snow I had wished for for so long was now a part of my life. A very permanent part, may I add.

But at one point, the wishing was over too.

When this summer came I realized how the rain made me feel. I am not sure it was the colors, the smell or the memories it brought back. It was just a feeling.

One of the wettest summer in the history of Ottawa made me realize something inside me was changing. Drop after drop, my heart became full. I was experiencing this weird new feeling, … this… happiness.

I was done panicking, done wishing. I was about to find my place in this country. I was heading home.

To me, home is a place where you can settle. A place so warm and comfortable you feel relaxed enough to “watch the puddles gather rain“. When you get there, you don’t look forward for the future and you don’t worry… you just enjoy every moment.

So, here’s where I find myself right now. I am happier when it rains. And here’s where you’ll find me for now.

I will dare to use the word “happy” on my blog’s title. I’ll be terrified of jinxing life, but I need to allow myself to knowledge that I am, in fact, happy.  And hopefully, in a while, I will be adding the word “home” to it.

Sorry about the mess,




We have 700 dollars.

That’s it.

No savings, no possessions. Just 700 dollars until the next paycheck comes in.

This is not exactly where you plan on being when  you are 35 with 2 kids, though. And, any normal person could agree that the number generates a little bit of stress.

I feel like Carrie here. Yes, THAT Carrie. The one from sex and the city.



Except, since I only own about 3 pairs of shoes, I can’t really blame it on them.

There’s also another good point that differs me from Carrie. I am not about to become a successful writer or marry a millionaire, so, figuring this out is basically up to me.

So, I am trying to.

For the moment, no take-outs should do the trick. It is amazing the amount of money we spend when we are too lazy to cool/clean.

I should probably learn how to use the dish washer too. We don’t have those in Brazil! Therefore… it’s basically a box in our kitchen. We never dared touching it.  Not that learning what that’s about is gonna save us any money (quite the opposite) but it should save us time and if we have more TIME we won’t feel so tired and won’t need that many take-outs.

Now, here’s the really crazy idea: Maybe my husband should get a job as well.

So, technically, if my money can cover all of our expenses, his money should go to the bank. Just like we did back in Brazil.

In 2 years, we should have enough for the down payment for the house.

In 5 years, the 40-year-old me goals will be a reality.

There you go, people. No need to stress over a tiny 3-digit number! I even feel like I shouldn’t have stress-eaten all that pizza for lunch 10 minutes ago.


Temporarily Poor Shell